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Michele Medda was born in Cagliari in 1962. Following his passion for comics, he joined the cultural association "Bande Dessinèe" early in the 1980s, where he meets Antonio Serra and Bepi Vigna.

He wrote his first story for the MARTIN MYSTERE comics series with his friends Antonio Serra and Bepi Vigna in 1987. Martine Mystere was created by Alfredo Castelli and published by Editoriale Daim Press (currently known as Sergio Bonelli Editore). Right after his university degree in art and literature with a disertation on Italian detective stories, Michele started writing stories full time and began working almost exclusively for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

He started writing stories for TEX, DYLAN DOG, ZONA X and the NICK RAIDER series and in 1991 he and his friends Serra and Vigna created the science fiction comic NATHAN NEVER. Another series, featured by an aggressive heroine character, LEGS WEAVER, was created in 1995. Michele wrote DIGITUS DEI in 1996 : the story is drawn by Stefano Casini and published by Magic Press.

Meanwhile, he started to write reviews for the art section of the Italian newspaper La Nuova Sardegna and for the online magazine Utopia Magazine, for which he reviews comics stories and movies.

He won two ANAFI prizes (one of which along with Serra and Vigna) as the best Italian comics writer. NATHAN NEVER was awarded the YELLOW KID prize as the best comics series in 1997 and has been published in France, Spain, Brasil, Slovenia and the US.

Michele Medda lives and works in Cagliari. He still writes for the Sergio Bonelli publishing house whilst working on new projects.


Lucia Puxeddu was born in Cagliari in 1968. Driven by her love of comics, she drew a comic strip called "Valentina" and in 1983 she joined the art club "Bande Dessinee", where she met Michele Medda, Antonio Serra, Bepi Vigna, Vanna Vinci, Gigi Murgia and a group of other comics lovers with whom she was involved in the planning of events until 1986. After her art studies, she started writing short stories, novels and TV reviews for local publications. She currently writes in a number of web sites specialised in comics and does web graphic design.



Claudio Fattori
was born in Cagliari in 1964. After successfully completing his studies to be a draftsman, he started a career in the construction industry, where he worked until the 1990s. He took a script writing course at the Sardinian School of Comics and began writing.

In 1996 he won the Prato national contest for the best script by unedited authors, along with Massimo Dall’Oglio, who drew the story. Since then, he has written scripts for Nathan Never (the album "Sigmund" and "La cortina del silenzio") and has been involved in graphics design.



Piero Penna was born somewhere in Sardinia, Italy under a full moon, one night nearly forty years ago. Because of his name, he writes about everything, from texts used in jingle commercials to cabaret as well as serious reviews for local publications which nobody reads.

Having lost his hair when he was young, he has since then started to develop a fur on his body (due to the law of compensation ). He doesn't like to be seen in public, he is not at all a mundane type of guy and does not have a cell phone. He spends his day locked at home, reading comics and reviewing them. Sometimes, when there is full moon, he goes out for a walk, but then immediately regrets it and returns home.


Stefania P. Clegg was born in Cagliari in 1965, where she did a university degree in foreign languages and literature. She lived in New York from 1993 - 1996, where she completed the translation studies diploma at New York University.

She worked as a translator for the electronic publishing division of the London-based financial newspaper Financial Times for a few years and has specialised in the translation of financial and economy news. As a freelance translator, she has translated a number of web sites and scripts. She currently lives and works in London.