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Writer Eric Omond
Artist Yoann

Published by Bande Dessinee`

Bande Dessinee has launched its second volume of Toto the Platypus on the Italian market. "The Lord of the fog" is the second episode of this bizarre saga which takes place in Australia, and whose protagonists are Toto the platypus and his animal friends (Scisci the echidna, Wawa the koala bear and Riri the bat), all up against the sinister Bunyip. Bunyip is a mythical Australian animal, and is represented as a sort of horrible reptile with the legs of a bird. Because of the magical power of its hair, it is pursued by Toto and friends who need it to cure a poor "bandicoot" (a rodent), which has broken its leg. The band knows that their mission involves serious risks, due to the Bunyip’s ferociousness, but at the end of their mission a surprise awaits them…
Since the story is a fable and all fables have a moral, our heroes will find out that "sincerity is a rare thing and that animals should not be judged by their appearance". The story is part of a genre dedicated to very young readers, which is practically unknown in Italy (while it is well established in France). However, adult readers may also enjoy reading "Toto", for its absence of over-cuteness. Yoann’s drawings are quite spectacular as his colour tables manage to create a gothic type of atmosphere rather than a Mediterranean feel. In any case, those who enjoy fully coloured drawings should not miss this book.
The only downside is its brevity: this story, while impeccably edited, is only 30 pages long, a size more common in US comic books rather than French traditional hardcover.